I did a complete website overhaul and I am SO excited to unveil this. It’s been such a long and challenging road and I’m about to unload my experience. But seriously. New website, who dis?

When I made Chow With Melody version 1.0, I thought I had done a decent job. I got a template from Etsy so that I didn’t have to design a website from scratch and all I would need to do was install the theme, make some changes to the colors and layout and that would be it. If only it was that easy, right? I had no idea about SEO and keywords or any of that and it mattered. A lot.

The first few months I saw some traffic coming to my website, but then it slowly started to dwindle down until it eventually became a few visitors a week. I started to wonder if I was doing everything correctly for my website. That’s when I decided that I needed to do a website overhaul and get everything that was wrong, corrected.

I eventually turned to amazing photographer, Elmer, to see if he knew any good website designers. Thankfully he did. He recommended me to his buddy, Dominic. The first call we had, we got to know each other a little. We talked about what I wanted from this new website, what issues I had, etc. He was a great listener and threw out some solutions and ideas he had. He also explained the different packages he had, what the timeline would be like, and pricing.

Dominic was also great and transparent when it came down to everything. I threw out some suggestions that I had for the website and he was honest with me on how much extra work it would be, which of course meant a higher price. Once he understood what I wanted, he sent over a proposal which went into detail on the different phases and what he does in them.

I also missed a few of our meetings due to my nap time (hahaha) and he was more than accommodating and understanding, because it didn’t happen just one time. Oops.

The Website Overhaul Experience

The first step for me was to send him a few reference websites that I liked. Then we agreed on an Avada template that was similar and off we went!

Everything moved smoothly at first. We had weekly calls to ensure that everything was going on the right track, discuss the next steps, and see if any changes were needed so far, and for any questions we may have had for each other.

We were getting close to the final steps when we realized that I would need completely new graphics. This turned into a whole stressful ordeal. I had asked my original person that did my graphics, but ended up being ghosted. Then I ended up asking someone else, who said they would do it, but got busy and forgot. I finally started to browse on Fiverr and reached out to illustrators who had work similar to what I was looking for.

I gave her a list of 40 or so food items that I wanted done. There were also some bumps in the road with this, but it got done. The illustrations were beautiful and so cute.

Once I started getting the illustrations in, we were finally able to move forward and continue. Everything was smooth sailing from there, if I remember correctly.

Overall Experience

I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Elmer for recommending Dominic. Also, a huge thank you to Dominic who worked super hard to complete this website overhaul. It’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful. I love it so much.

If I could do this all over again from day one, I probably wouldn’t have tried to set everything up myself. Lately, I’ve been wondering where I would be now if I had just gotten someone like Dominic to create my website to begin with. I guess I’ll never know.

But hey, cheers to the new and beautiful Chow With Melody version 2.0!

Thanks for still coming along on this wild ride with me! I’m so happy that you’re here with me!

Ciao for now.

Here’s the Fun Stuff

Dominic Zelek – Reach out to Dominic if you have a website that needs an overhaul or if you’re looking to start one. Super friendly and will definitely work with you to get you the website that you want.

Chubby Chunks – She does cute little Kawaii food, cartoons, animals, and drinks. Super friendly, easy to talk to. To make sure that you like her work, she will send you a sample of what you want. If you like it, then she will send a proposal and get your project done. Definitely would 100% work with her again.

TNK Photo – If you’re looking for a great photographer with a great team, this is it. Elmer has a pretty solid team. We went with Elmer and his team for my wedding and I would never look back. They did amazing work.

Just For Fun

The Very Beginning – Just in case you want to check out my very FIRST blog post, you can do that. I go back to that page every once in a while to remind me why I got this blog started in the first place.