Hi there friends! It’s time to talk about National Spaghetti Day! Gather around because it’s time to dish about my favorite twirl-worthy delight. As I think back to when I was younger, my grandma’s spaghetti takes the cake. Not only was it a comfort food for me, it had the magical ability to put a big smile on my face. I mean, who could resist the attraction of endless bowls of spaghetti? Certainly not me, and probably not my bathroom scale in the 6th grade. Spaghetti, you’re a sneaky little noodle. Haha.

National Spaghetti Day

Fun Facts To Share On National Spaghetti Day

Now let’s talk about spaghetti. It isn’t just a dish; it has a rich backstory that goes back centuries. Now imagine this: Italy, the birthplace of spaghetti, where it quickly became the rockstar of Italian cuisine. In fact, the word “spaghetti” is borrowed from the Italian word “spago” which means string or twine.

Do you ever wonder why spaghetti is so special? I think it’s because it’s the ultimate sauce companion. You can choose any sauce you want. Personally, I’m Team Marinara, but I can’t forget other sauces like Bolognese, meat sauce, alfredo, and pesto. With so many sauce options, it’s like a culinary rainbow, each one adding its own burst of flavor to the spaghetti party.

My Not So Secret Spaghetti Obsession

But wait, there’s more. Let’s talk about another spaghetti twist – Filipino spaghetti. This isn’t your traditional spaghetti; the sauce is on the sweeter side and it has tons of chopped Filipino-style hot dogs. It may sound strange, but as soon as you have that first bite, you’ll be just as hooked and obsessed as I am.

National Spaghetti Day

So since it’s National Spaghetti Day, I encourage you to have a nice heaping bowl of spaghetti with whatever sauce your heart desires, along with a side of breadsticks or garlic bread. Yum!

My your noods be plentiful and your sauces saucy.

Cheers to National Spaghetti Day!

Try These On National Spaghetti Day

Spaghetti Marinara – This is my go to marina recipe. Whether I’m using it on spaghetti, elbows, or penne. It’s perfect on all the pastas.

Filipino Spaghetti – If you’re feeling brave, you have to try my Filipino spaghetti recipe. Who knows, you may become obsessed like I am.