Happy Filipino Heritage Month!

I want to take this month to do several things. I want to dive and let you all know a little more about me, I want to learn and cook more Filipino recipes, and also share some culture that I’m learning as well!

Filipino Heritage Month

So now let’s shift gears and focus on one of those topics that I want to discuss during Filipino Heritage Month. ME. Hehe.

My Origin Story

My parents were born in the Philippines; dad in San Manuel Pangasinan and mom in Agno Pangasinan. My parents moved to Hawaii, met in Ka’u High School, and the rest was history. The star of the family (me) was born!

This adorable creature is me.

Filipino Heritage Month

I was born in Hilo during the month of October. I am a first generation Filipino-American. My family says I was a brat growing up, but I think it was me just expressing myself. :) My family would try to teach me Ilocano (dad’s dialect) or bisaya (mom’s dialect). I never really picked it up. They stopped teaching me because I would mix ilocano, bisaya, and English together. I wasn’t able to differentiate languages like other kids. It was me trying to make my own language ultimate language. :P

I was a picky eater and was not willing to try many Filipino dishes growing up. For example, my grandma would get bagoóng (condiment made of fermented fish) and I would refuse to eat it because of the smell. I remember eating a lot of spam musubi, fish sticks, and fast foods (McDonalds, Orange Julius, Leung’s etc).

The Horror That Is Me

As I said, I was the super star of the family and always so helpful; not bratty at all. My family would always tell me stories of things that I did, and I’ll share a few here, but don’t let it change the fact that I’m still awesome. :)

My favorite story that my family tells is the famous gas story. Before I dive in, remember, I was a child and didn’t know better. I thought I was being helpful. Now here we go. Short and simple: One day I put water in my grandpa’s gas tank. I thought that’s what went in the tank. Oops. 😅 😬

Apparently, I was also a bit of a bully. If I wanted to sit in a particular chair, and someone was in it, I would beat the person up if they wouldn’t move. What can I say? I like my seat.

Another favorite of mine is the famous fortune cookie story. At the time, grandma worked for Big Island Candies. There was a huge chocolate dipped fortune cookie that I told her I wanted. I was always told no, because I think it was too expensive. So one day, my grandma brings one home to surprise me. To this day, I have absolutely NO IDEA what came over me. Because I took that giant chocolate dipped fortune cookie, put it on the ground, and smashed the hell out of it. My grandma was SO upset.

As a kid, I loved taking baths. Who doesn’t like playing in a tub full of water with their toys? I loved it so much that I would make my own bath and lock my grandma out. My poor grandma. 😂

I was also incredibly thoughtful. I would ask my grandpa to take me to McDonalds., where I would order for myself and my “family”. Hehe. I had these cargo pants and I would put a cheeseburger in each pocket. 😂 🤣

Anyway, those are just some of my favorites. I’m sure you will all agree when I say that I was a complete angel. :)

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I may have to make another post in the future where I share more of my shenanigans as a kid cause there are A LOT.

Ciao for now! Let’s have a Happy Filipino Heritage Month full of awesome food, history, and more!

xoxo balloon letters

Filipino Heritage Month Recipes

I already have a few Filipino recipes that I have posted. If you haven’t tried them, I would definitely recommend them. Even if you don’t use my particular recipe, go out and have it. I guarantee that you will enjoy it. I only wish when I was younger, I was more open to eating the foods from my culture.

Chicken Adobo – One of my favorites, super popular, and super comforting.

Garlic Fried Rice – If you love garlic, you’ll love this. Plus when you’re cooking this, it makes your house smell amazing.