I have an announcement to make and it’s a big one! I need you all to stop everything and focus on this post because I am so excited to share my news with you.

Have you ever heard of the platform Shef? Shef was created in 2018 and this platform helps cooks to sell homemade food to their community.

Have you figured out where I’m going with this?


I’m going to leave my link for you at the end of this post. I AM SO EXCITED that I can finally make my announcement. So let me tell you about it.

You first go to shef.com and you can put your zipcode in to see all the Shef’s that are available in your area. But you don’t want other Shef’s. You want me. :)

Exciting Announcement

In the search bar, you can search for me by name, Melody S. In my profile picture, I’m wearing a bright floral yellow top and holding some pav, just FYI. Hehe.

Exciting Announcement

Once you get on my page, you’ll see what foods I’m offering. I have a mixture of Indian, Filipino, and Hawaiian so far. I haven’t decided how often I’ll be switching menu items out, but I know in the future I will be.

Exciting Announcement

For the start of my journey on Shef, I decided to share the foods that I know my friends and family enjoy. A few of my offerings include: chicken adobo, chicken biryani, and of course my favorite, Spam Musubi.

Once you order, I cook and deliver your order to a Shef Hub. From there, DoorDash takes over with the delivery. I know, it’s sad that you won’t get to see my face delivering my awesome meals to you, but that’s okay.

After eating, you can also leave a review of how much you loved it (or hated it, but pls don’t. Haha) and that should help me with my rating. Fun stuff, right?

I’m super excited that I get to share my food on this platform. Hopefully there will be some people who enjoy it.

I hope that you all enjoyed my exciting announcement.

So last but not least, here is my link to my Shef page: https://shef.com/order/shef/melody-s-2.

Please keep checking back because my whole menu is not up yet. There should be a total of 8 mains and 3 sides. :)

Let me know your thoughts on my big announcement in the comments down below! What would you like to see on my menu one day?

Ciao for now!

xoxo balloon letters