Hello 34! Can you believe it? I can hardly believe it myself. Another year has come and gone before my eyes. Do I have anything to show for it? Probably not, but we’re about to find out.

The year is almost coming to a close, and I’m going to go back and see if I kept up with any of my New Years Eve Resolutions, which I am 1000% sure I didn’t. Once that is done, I’ll adjust and see what I can do the remaining of the year.

Maybe I’ll even talk about what I hope the year 34 brings for me. Hello, 34 is huge right? 34 makes me feel super old, and if I’m being completely honest, it definitely makes me feel unaccomplished when I think about how things have been going.

Hello 34!

New Year’s Resolution Recap – Did I make it?

I had 15 goals for the year of 2022. Most of them were pretty basic such as putting the laundry away as soon as I’m done folding, drinking a gallon of water a day, create a cleaning schedule, etc.

Simple resolutions, right? However, I wasn’t able to keep up with it for long. It always happens, right? Beginning of the year, you start off so strong, then as the year goes on, I don’t even know what happens. Somewhere along the line, I just fall off the wagon and just never get back on it.

My big goals where I wanted to cook more, work on Chow With Melody more, treat myself with kindness more, are the most disappointing let downs of the year. No excuses there, I just didn’t have the motivation to do it. I had a great support system to cheer me on, but in the end, it’s up to me and I just wasn’t up to it. I lost a lot of time.

Like they say, there’s always time right? There’s always time to turn things around and improve yourself, right? So maybe this is it. Maybe the year 34 is my year to do bigger and better things.

The Remainder of the Year

I have a few things in store for the remainder of the year. I think they’re pretty fun things, which I probably won’t discuss right now. It’ll be a surprise for the future and I’ll announce once I’m ready to go.

I think there’s still time for me to start creating positive habits. I need to start getting back into the habit of cooking, editing, and creating new food content instead of just focusing on growing my Instagram. I have a great support system and I need to learn to lean on them for strength and encouragement instead of feeling bad all on my own.

The Year of 34

So hello, 34! I welcome you. The challenges, the good times, the bad, and hopefully everything in between. But of course, more good times than anything. I think I need it.

Ciao for now!


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