Back in November, I was invited to my first ever foodie social event! It was an event that King’s Hawaiian was hosting for Slider Sunday. When I first read that email, I can’t begin to tell you how much excitement and anxiety I was feeling at that moment.

Let me start out by saying that I am not the biggest social butterfly. In fact, I’m not much of a social person at all and I’m awkward. I have a VERY small group of friends and I don’t really go searching for new ones. So when the opportunity to attend a foodie event came knocking, I was instantly conflicted. I thought to myself, “Well. This is cool, but I’m not really a social person.” Then I found out that I was allowed a guest and I thought, “Cool. I’ll bring my husband and he can do all the talking for me.”


I thought long and hard about whether or not I should attend the foodie event. I asked my husband multiple times and his response was to go and that it would be good for me. When it was time to RSVP, I marked that I would attend and would be bringing a guest. It should be a fun time, right?

Days went by and the day for the foodie event was just a few days away. In a panic, I messaged some other foodies I knew to see if they would be attending the event, but they weren’t. I was freaking out about being alone there and not knowing anyone (besides my husband). Oh well. It will be an experience, right?


The day of the event, we set off for my first ever foodie event which was hosted at the Waterfront in Venice. Traffic wasn’t bad at all, which is always nice. Parking wasn’t an issue, except for when I was trying to decide which lane to park in.

After parking, we walked up to the Waterfront and I was feeling butterflies in my stomach. There was a red rope for fellow foodies to line up and there was even a sign that said it was a private event. I thought that was super cool and I definitely felt special. Haha.

We checked in and first hung out near the bar. Our first appetizer that came around was a grilled cheese, which was delish. After that, we got our drinks. I can’t remember what my drink was called, but it was also very good.


From there, we went into the next part of the venue where there was more seating, the DJ, a photo booth, restrooms, an additional bar, and an entrance into another part of the Waterfront. There were already a lot of foodies mingling with each other, and also some solo foodies. At that moment, I was so glad that my husband was with me, because you could definitely tell who was there solo and didn’t know anyone versus those that came in a group and know each other.

We made our way back into the venue through the new entrance and there was a table in the middle with all the fixings to make your own sliders. In one corner, there was a polaroid wall, and opposite that corner was a shaved ice station. We made our way around the main table and constructed our sliders and headed back out for a table to eat.

Before we ate, I of course needed to get some pictures of our creations. Dana had made a chicken slider on King’s Hawaiian pretzel bun, and a cheeseburger on their regular King’s Hawaiian bread. Their regular King’s Hawaiian slider also had their crown on it. So cute, right?

More appetizers came around, and I grabbed a meatball slider on a pretzel bun, because who doesn’t love a good meatball slider?


After finishing off these sliders, we took a photo AND did a Boomerang (so cool) at the photo booth and we went back in to take a picture at the polaroid wall and grab a shaved ice to round off the event before taking off. We also saw that some foodies had S’mores sliders, but we had NO idea where they came from. We waited around to see if maybe they were being passed around, but we never saw it. Maybe next time. 🙁


By the time we were leaving the event, the sky was quite a thing to see. Dana also felt like some ice cream. Guess what was near by? Wanderlust! If you guys know me, you know that I LOVE Wanderlust because of their White Rabbit ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, all of their ice creams I’ve tried so far have been amazingly delicious, but White Rabbit takes the cake for me!


Once we got home, my brother and sister in law asked how it went and I briefly told them about how I enjoyed the food. I also showed them the hilarious Boomerang Dana and I took at the event.

I got ready for bed and once I was nice and relaxed, I went over the day in my head again. Would I do it again, whether it’s another King’s Hawaiian event or another company, and I think I would. It was a great experience at the King’s Hawaiian Slider Sunday event that was held.

I also want to say thank you again to King’s Hawaiian for the invite to your Slider Sunday event. I had so much fun and stuffed myself silly with sliders. Hope to be able to continue working with you!

So let’s go! I’m patiently and anxiously (haha) waiting for those invites to your foodie events!