We have all seen the viral spicy garlic noodles that are currently trending on TikTok. I’ve come across it so much on my For You page, that I just had to try them out myself. For the most part, I like to just cook those noodles that come in the packet. It’s so easy and convenient. I like to try different noodles as well that I see while I’m browsing my local Asian store.



The beautiful thing about this viral spicy garlic noodle recipe is that everyone can make it in their own way. The heat of the noodles can be adjusted accordingly. I like my noodles reeaaallllyyy spicy, but I adjusted the recipe to have a small kick. If you do want it spicer, just add more. :)



When making spicy garlic noodles, it really did not take long at all. With all my ingredients prepped and chopped, it probably took about 10 minutes. This is awesome because honestly, some days I just want to be able to make a quick and delicious meal instead of taking hours or the whole day in a kitchen.



I was pleasantly surprised by how this recipe turned out. I think I will try out different noodles to see which ones I like the best. There are so many different options out there to try.


Tips For Cooking Spicy Garlic Noodles


For this recipe, I use yakisoba noodles. I’ve seen recipes where people use Instant Ramen noodles and some use a thick wheat noodle. Whatever your preference. :)


If you want your spicy garlic noodles really spicy like I do, just adjust accordingly.


When adding the oil with the rest of your ingredients, be careful and be sure to pour the oil over the spices. Enjoy that sizzle!


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Chicken Pancit – Filipino style noodles. This will take longer to make and require more ingredients, but in the end still delicious!

Easy and Spicy Garlic Noodle

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Servings: 2