Happy 4th of July everyone!

Today is the end of my 4th of July themed series. I had a BLAST recording and posting those recipes for you. I’m going to be thinking about future series that I can do. Of course, if you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments below!

Independence Day is a very special day where we celebrate America! It’s the day where it was unanimously approved to be independent from Great Britain!

So while I am sure everyone has their own personal reasons for liking this holiday. BBQ, drinks, fireworks, warm summer nights, or whatever it may be, everyone has a reason to like this day. Without a doubt, I have my own as well. For me, the 4th of July is a day that I love to spend with family. I love the food that we have, I love that we drink together, and I LOVE that we just enjoy each other’s company.

Our typical 4th of July spread usually consists of some form of BBQ. Whether it’s beef or pork, there’s always some form of marinated meat. We also have fried rice, pancit, spam musubi, and maybe some spring rolls. Drinks are usually in the form of beers, Truly’s or wine. Especially Stella Rosa wine. Mmmmmm.

Along with great food, drinks, and company, there are other things that I love too. I love that every year is different. Sometimes we sing or we play intense card games. Sometimes we even just sit around, eat, drink, and chat. If there are fireworks happening, we enjoy that as well. I think that is the most important part for me, when it comes to July 4th, is that no matter what the activity is, we are there just enjoying everyone’s company.

Last but not least, I hope that everyone has a safe 4th of July! Enjoy the day! No matter what you are doing, enjoy and be safe!

In case you want to take a look at the recipes that I posted for this series, I’ll be listing them down below again! Just because I say it’s for the 4th of July, it does not mean it isn’t good any time of the year! :)

Again, if you have any ideas for future series I could do, let me know! I would also LOVE to know what you like about the 4th of July! Or maybe you hate it. I want to know! Let me know in the comments below!

Ciao for now!

xoxo balloon letters

Recipes From the Series

Mac and Cheese

Mac & Cheese – Add this cheesy mac and cheese to please both non-vegetarians and vegetarians! Or serve whenever you feel like having something nice and cheesy!


Cheeseburger Sliders – Prepare these bad boys on sliders or a full-sized burger! This will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.


Slow Cooked BBQ Brisket – This brisket is slow cooked in a slow cooker for 5 hours and finished off in the oven. It can easily be cooked on a grill outside if you want to. Use the BBQ sauce as a dipping sauce for even more flavor or pile it onto a bun!

BBQ Chicken

Spicy BBQ Chicken – Check out this recipe! Even if you don’t grill it, this is perfect to cook on a skillet or in the oven!


Sparkling Rose Cocktail – This cocktail is super refreshing. Not only is it refreshing, but it’s also very customizable. Add in however much alcohol, sparkling water, and juice.


Grilled Homemade Pizza – Pizza is great because everyone can choose their own toppings! This recipe can be made in the oven or on the grill! The recipe has instructions for both!